Pages 62 and 63 of Jeremiah Head's diary

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Diary of Jeremiah Head, railway engineer for Robert Stephenson and Co, part founder of Fox, Head and Co
Head, Jeremiah

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[Page 62]

want to deprive Mick of his character. I told him plainly that I did not consider Mick a proper man for the job, because he was not a fitter, & did not thoroughly understand the engines; but I agreed with him that(,) it was not proved that he was in fault about the affair of yesterday. I also said if he would place 30/- per week at our disposal we would undertake to find a good man for the job. He consented, & I wrote off to Crow to that effect. In the afternoon I met Mick who was off work: he had a little girl with him & looked very woe-begone. I said “Well Mick, I understand you are going to leave us”[.] He said

[Page 63]

“Yes sir”[.] I then told him I was very sorry for him, but I must tell him that I really did not think him the man for the job. He said “it were a bad job for him that ever he left Railway Mill,” & the poor fellow was shaking like an ashen leaf. I felt awfully sorry for him, because he was always so obliging & civil to me. I told him[,] that what I had done I thought to be my duty to my employers & I could not have done less. I gave him half a crown for his little services to me, & wished him success. He appeared somewhat moved & shook my hand of his own accord. I was sorry for him.

This evening called on Abigail Thorp who keeps house

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