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any of the fires be burned to[o] low, it smokes as bad as ever.

I have therefore given orders that the dampers be used more, & the fires never allowed to get low. I adjusted all the mercury boxes, myself, to about 2 minutes. Showed Tom Whitwell & Harrison Penny over the Mill. The former came to tea with me & I went to supper with him. Alfred Whitwell strikes me as a very lazy fellow.

Oct 6. Tues[day]. Quarterly meeting day. Robert will not take the job of minding the engines.

Went to Quarterly meeting, dined at C Backhouse[’]s, the general slowness of the company was the thing most worthy of note. Before dinner I went with J. W. Richardson(,) to call on Miss Wrightson at

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Haughton. The best coals from N[ew]castle are come & put in the depots. This evening we shortened the grates, & so long as there is plenty of hot coal in the furnace at the time of firing, the prevention of the smoke(,) is almost perfect; if however he lets the fire get too low for blazing, before firing, it smoke[s] as good deal, but of course no apparatus would prevent this.

Drank tea at Jos[ep]h Pease[’]s. Don[’]t like him much, he is so [struck through] to[o] overbearing, for my mind, he appears to disregard everybody[’]s opinion except his own.

Oct 7. Wed[nesday]. Fast day. Went to Mill as usual: went on with diagram book for Peases. Began to compose lecture on North & South.

Oct 8 Th[ursday]. This morning one boiler

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