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[Page 104]

too dark to complete my sketches & so determined to accept his invitation.

I went then according to agreement to call on the I’Ansons – Mrs I’Anson & Jenny & subsequently James, only were at home.

Jenny is a very yello [sic] complexioned girl, draws & paints very nicely – rather pleasant than otherwise, & likes a flirt. James is a precocious youth [who] look[s] like a George Brady on the scale of 1”=1’ & makes use of expressions, & words too big to come from such a small body –

Rally went home per coach & after a two minutes call

[Page 105]

at D??? County’s I went up to the tin w[or]ks & got tea with Tom & Dixon – then back to Annandales’.

I found Mr Peter, Andrew, Mr Arthur &c at supper – after there was toddy of which the two old men seem to guzzle an awful lot. & then bed. The two old men are remarkably full of humorous anecdotes. They have one for every subject. They are very kind & attentive but pour their tea in their saucers, & put their knives in their mouths; they also have a dialect.

Friday Nov 20. Breakfast at 8. I was punctual which delighted the old men

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