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turned home.

Oct 12 Mon[day]. George goes to Cambridge to-day.

The engines are going much better to-day. The leak in the flue was not so difficult to repair as I thought. Robert re-packed the large pistons ground in the other feed cock that was leaky, & tightened up some glands, on Saturday, and on Sunday re-made a leaking joint on the top of one of the boilers.

I traced for myself all the diagrams I have taken.

Oct.13 Mond. [struck through] Am in great hopes we are going to succeed in reducing the fuel, it does not seem necessary to fire oftener than once in ¼ hr or 20 minutes. I let the water in the boilers run down for an hour this afternoon, to

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try the evaporation. I reckoned out the consumption(,) of fuel while we were using Adelaide coal, & it proved to be the least bit over 5- lbs per 1HP per hr or 4⅔ if allowance of 7 per cent be made for feeding cold. I have been trying to reduce the noise in the small bevel wheel driving the cam-shaft, by pressing down the keeps of the four carriages, on the shaft, putting india-rubber washers under the nuts: this does not do however, as the india-rubber squeezes to pieces, & we are putting in leather now.

Jasper & Mounsey & a friend of his, came thro’ the mill this afternoon. I showed him the engines &c & he seemed pleased.

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