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our castings, but did not like McNaught’s many other high & low pressure engines. He says he has a plan for getting rid of the air & water in a condenser without using an air-pump.

Th[ursday] Oct 22. Wound up the coal account this morning & found it to be 4.1 lbs per 1HP per hr. if 6 per cent be deducted for feeding cold, with the Hartley coals. Went to meeting & afterwards met at mill Joseph & Henry Pease & the younger ones. We went in to look at the engines first, then up into the office, when Joseph Pease calling me “Howard” invited me to say what I had to say.

I told them that they had expressed themselves

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dissatisfied with three points about the engines –

1st that the engine was not steady
2nd that she was consuming more than an average quantity of fuel
3rd that great nuisance was felt by the smoke

My instructions were to remove as far as possible all grounds of complaint, & after being here some weeks, I had taken the liberty of asking them to come & give their opinion upon how far I had succeeded. With regard to the first complaint, the best way in my opinion to ascertain whether it still existed, was to go thro the mill & hear what each overlooker had to say.

On our return I would lay before

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