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flirt with Fanny Dodshon at Rothbury & then laugh at her behind her back.

Bob said he was sure neither of us laughed at her: we both thought a good deal of her[.] Well, Miss Brady said, “All the young men here just flirt on with her to laugh at her behind her back”[.] It appears that Mrs Dodshon, on returning to Sunderland (weak woman) had said that the young ladies of N[ew]castle ought well be jealous, for that the young men of that town had paid her daughter far more attention than any of them[.] Augusta Richardson says also that she asks young men to “call & see her Fanny”[.]

All this has made Miss Brady

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ferocious, she says she hates Fanny. It appears to me, that Mrs Dodshon & Miss Brady are two foolish women. I have not as yet seen ground for complaint in Fanny.

The last named little article is going to stay at Jos[ep]h Watson’s soon. In the evening I went to St Nicholas to hear the funeral sermon on Dr Ions.[20]

Oct 5th Mon[day]. Missed the first train, owing to my watch stopping: and at 8.20 travelled with Mary Watson & Augusta Richardson.

Found at the mill that the bricks had been put in (in) all except one fire. I see that if the fires are nice & hot when the coals are put on, the consumption of smoke is almost perfect, if however

[20] Dr Thomas Ions was the organist at the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne from 1834 until 1857. The Newcastle Guardian & Tyne Mercury reported that “five minutes after the doors opened every available seat and standing place in the church was filled. Some hundreds went away, unable to obtain admission”. (10 October 1857)

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