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which played the same trick every morning.

The nearest injection cock to the supply pipe seems to try to swallow all the water & the engine gets a better vacuum, when the water is taken from the mill-pot, a well several feet below the condenser, than when taken from the stream, with a head of a foot or two, or as Taylor sh [struck through] says he would rather fetch it than have it ready. This is inexplicable.

The improvements which suggest themselves to me, are 1st a larger diameter of cataract in the Governor; the present one has hardly sufficient retarding power. 2nd A larger pipe substituted for the one between the two

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injection cocks, to make the water go as readily to one as the other.

3rd Instead of using the three boilers, use the four & [struck through] but with the same grate, fire bricks being laid on the bars, we shall thus get the benefit of more heating surface.

I went with Mick this morning to John Rowell the coal carter & arranged with him to see the coals weighed every morning at the coal depot.

I then went to secure lodgings & am now at Mrs Seaton[’]s 7 Grange Road Darlington.

I shall begin experimenting tomorrow.

Aug Sept 9th. Last night we examined the two small pistons, & after screwing them up, tried the steam on them & found

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