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them tight.

Aug 10th. Last night we re-packed the large pistons, they were leaking terribly – This india rubber packing does not do, it loses its elasticity very soon & becomes like a piece of wood; the hemp packing burns away but is better than the india rubber, as it is tolerably efficient for three months. I have written to Crow to urge him to make spring pistons for the large gliders. This evening we took 4 sq ft off every grate by laying fire bricks over, and have found how it was that we could not get a better vacuum. The rose on the internal injection pipe of No1 engine was chocked up with rushes & straws so that

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hardly any water could get thro’, so I thought it best to have the holes chipped clean out, & make an open pipe of it. I have written to Crow & informed him of this. I went to meeting Aug [struck through] this morning. This evening as I was coming home from the post a young fellow named Hanson introduced himself to me & took me home to get a bit of bread & cheese with him, he seems a very decent fellow; he met me once before at Whitwells & knew me again.

Aug 11. The vacuum, this morning stands at 26¼ & 25 with cocks only ⅔ open so that as far as the injection is concerned the engine will do first-rate.

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