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comes on if I have any work at the office, requiring, leaning over my board, for any length of time.

This pain also was very troublesome, during one of Thackeray[’s] lectures, & also the d???? night in bed, but it usually abates on coming home at nights into the fresh air.

I have this day finished the drawing for No51 ME. a 40HP pair of vertical engines for Duck & Richardson [5], & [struck through] the boat intended for conveying goods about the gulf of Finland.

On Monday I expect to start with a 60HP high & low pressure pair of engines on Crow[’]s principle, for Annandale & Co of

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Shotley Bridge [6] .

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

One touch of humour, says Byron, makes the whole world grin.

Finished White’s papers with Wrightson, took possession of all I thought might be of use to me, as also did Wrightson, besides the remainder, till they could be properly sorted.

I have written to J. W. Richardson to tell him that Mrs. W wishes us three to divide them amongst us, & proposed that we should come to some arrangement on his return.

July 31. Have lived in Gateshead five months & the last three

[5] In 1855 Joseph Richardson and George Nixon Duck had taken over the shipyard of the South Stockton Iron Ship Building Co. at Thornaby-on-Tees. In their first ten years they were to build 50 iron steamers, a paddle steamer, ten sailing ships and 29 barges. See,_Duck_and_Co.

[6] Messrs Annandale and Sons had operated the Shotley Grove Paper Mill since 1812. See George Neasham, North-Country Sketches, Notes, Essays and Reviews (Durham 1893), p.301.

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