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Diary of Jeremiah Head, railway engineer for Robert Stephenson and Co, part founder of Fox, Head and Co
Head, Jeremiah

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[Page 26]

twice & the intermediate size is called “nuts” the pieces being all about the size of a walnut.

Barnard says that the screened Adelaide coals are of a first rate quality for house coal.

In the evening I had a long talk with Taylor, the head spinner, he said that he had nothing to complain of in the regularity of the engines, & that at no mill could finer threads be spun than theirs.

Also that he had been in all the mills, new & old in the Bradford district, & he was confident that at no mill were there more than 69 frames going for the same quantity of fuel, as in our case was driving 95.

Why then, I said, do you

[Page 27]

complain of the consumption of fuel? Because, said he, you estimated it too low at first.

I have lately bought a snuff box not because I want to take snuff myself, but I find it marvellously useful in making acquaintances; a pinch of snuff puts [struck through] makes a man good friends with you at once.

This morning I was the mill at 6: about five minutes after th [struck through] the engine had started, she began to go slower & slower, & the escape valves all went banging off, showing the presence of water; this lasted a minute or two& then she recovered herself. The Engine man, Mick, said that it was the air in the boilers

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