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Stephenson a ride home – drank tea with Annandale (scored through) thanked him for his hospitality & after he has complimented us on what we had done – I left & after a pleasant drive I got home.

Stephenson(,) has been all over & is a very experienced man, he has only 26/- a week - & has been a fireman at other places.
W-. Annandale wants Crow & myself to go to Lintz ford [sic] some day & overhaul the engines there.

Sat[urday] Nov.21. Mr Weallens gave his consent for Crow & me to go to Shotley some time soon, to see the Lintz ford

[Page 109]

engines, & to take diagrams off the Tin works d[itt]o.

Sund[ay] 22. I have got from one of the clerks, a book of weights of all the plates, forgings, castings &c. used about No63 M.E.: also from Tommy Pattison the book of finished weights for the same engine.

I am copying these, in order to get an idea of the weight & price of engines –

I go round the works, every day at dinner time, and note any thing(,) worth doing so, in my works diary. I want to train myself to know exactly the time every thing requires to be done, also I wish that nothing going on in the factory should escape my observation.

To day I walked with Leachman over to Ryton, to

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