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one, used to designing machinery, to study it for a while & report upon it, and he, Mr Weallens and Mr Pease, among them agreed to appoint me.

I was therefore on Monday morning to go to Darlington, see Mr Pease, consult with him, & then seek out Mr Fowler, and obtain all the information I possibly could about the machine.

I then at once finished up my work in the office or put it in a fair way to be finished, and proceeded to get ready for my journey.

Monday 14 Dec. Having got all packed, as I expected to find my way to Ipswich & not return till after

[Page 123]

Christmas, I went to Darlington & called at Jos[ep]h Pease[’]s office. He was not to be seen then but arranged to meet me in the course of the morning, and in the mean time I went to the Mill to see my old friends.

I found the engines remarkably clean, & in good working order; nothing of importance had happened since my departure, and every body seemed satisfied with engines. Even Fearnley expressed his satisfaction, & I parted with him very good friends.

I then [struck through] afterwards went to see the great man, who told me where to find John Fowler, whom he was anxious to see get on, as his son-in-law. [35]

[35] John Fowler Jnr (1826-1864) had married Elizabeth Lucy Pease, the daughter of Joseph Pease in 1857.

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