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[Page 132]

to etiquette. If any scruples about her dress, about asking so & so to our party or going to such & such a place, are uttered by the parents, a torrent of murmurs(,) come out as tho’ she were desperately wronged.

Arthur is highly spoken of by every body, especially his masters, & from the early hour he goes to work & the late hour he returns must be very industrious.

Papa, is very fond of a chat; also of a romp with Mary, but he is just as tenacious of his crochets & as unconvincible [sic] of his [struck through] the possibility of his being in the wrong _

Mama is much im

[Page 133]

proved in her walking powers _

Mond[ay]. Dec 21. Tried to-day the subsoil plough, which takes a deal of power _ trial satisfactory _

In the afternoon, we tried the furrow plough in a very hilly field at the top of bishops hill. X The taut ropes were at least 15 ft above the bottom of the valley.

Tuesd[ay]. Dec 22. Continued the trial in the hilly field with the dynamometer – before many visitors, all went off well.

In the afternoon we just got to work on the endless cord [struck through] rope plan X

This was to prove that hills & valley were no insuperable impediments to steam ploughing. Many people have an idea that it will only do on level ground.

in Cobbold’s field with the engine I had seen in preparation with v great success

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