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his taste or his time.

Mrs Bunning is a nice, lively woman, I like her well.

Friday 27. The bank of England have taken the accounts of several large firms, but I hear they have refused the Derwent iron co, who have considerably overdrawn their account at the District.

I am afraid of their stability also of Charles Briggs’.

Sat[urday]. 28th. Have begun dentistry again, & purpose, sparing no pains in making tool, & trying all I can to make the job complete. There has been great relief since(,) gutta percha was employed for the old back gentleman.

[Page 113]

Mr Paley is going to move next week to 1 Union Row –

I went last night to see the house, & took my choice of rooms: I think I shall benefit by the change – this house is such a draughty affair and out of repair

Sund[ay]. 29 – John Richardson, who is involved on the failure of the district bank, preached this morning for the first time; the fact, together with the apparent cause, excited some merriment among the young fellows.

David Richardson(,) has behaved somewhat rudely to me about his smoke-consuming fur-

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