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Sat[urday] Dec 26. I went to Thetford, to see Boydell[’]s traction engine _ I missed, the junction, at Haughley & was taken on to Finningham so I took a dog cart & man there & drove over to Thetford. [38] Saw Mr Burrell who showed me over his works [39] ; I saw a Boydell engine; the slippers of the wheel were awfully knocked about & I thought the wear & tear produced by the side ?? must be so great that these wheels would be a perpetual source of trouble.

I dined with Mr Burrell & promised to get him a foreman for his erecting shop.

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Sund[ay] Dec 27. I schemed a plan to supersede Boydell’s wheel on the foundation of Warby’s & agreed with the latter & would make drawing’s [sic] for a model the next day _

Mond[ay] [December] 28 So I went down early & got all the details out immediately _ breakfasted at Robert James’. I generally dined at the workman’s hall with the governors_

In the evening we had our annual party _ Miss Steward pleased me most of the girls[.] Lucy Everet was there, altogether it went off well. It was a musical party as George declared he would absent himself if we had cha-

[38] A distance of approximately 18 miles.

[39] Charles Burrell (1817-1906) took over his family’s engineering business in Thetford in 1837 and built the company’s first steam engine in 1848. He became interested in self-moving engines in 1857 and the following year began production of the Boydell traction engine. See The Engineer, 6 July 1906.

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