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us; thinks nothing could run better than his machinery now.

Tuesday (8th) afternoon. [September] I made an experiment to try the quantity of water evaporated per sq ft of grate. They were then using three boilers 16 sq ft of grate each. I found each sq ft of grate evaporated 1.8 cub. ft of grate water per hr. or 86 cub.ft. total per hr

This afternoon (Friday 11th) I tried the same experiment, four boilers being on, each with 12 sq ft of grate, & the result was, that each sq ft of grate [struck through] evaporated 1.95 cub ft per hr. or 93 cub ft total per hr.

On Tuesday (8th) I found that on an average it was necessary to fire once in

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ten minutes, this morning once in 13 minutes was enough.

Sept.14 Mon[day]. On Saturday I went to N.[ew]castle, & was astonished on coming to the factory to find all shut up: they had gone for a trip some to Alnwick others to Manchester. In the afternoon I first began to check, at the Lit & Phil for information, likely to be of use in writing my next lecture. The subject I contemplate is the manners & customs of Englishmen. In the evening I attended a party at Beech grove.

J. W. R[ichardson] had just re-

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