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anealing [sic] glass, & also for feeding the furnace in the large cone, by machinery worked by a fan in the cone actuated by the draught - applied to Weallens for a draughtsman, who should draw his inventions; Weallens referred him to Wallan, who was informed that it was a first rate man who was wanted, money being no object. Wallan was pleased to appoint me to the job, telling Mr W to make his own bargain. He however, said I could charge what I pleased. I went with him, saw over his place, heard his explanations, & brought away his plans. He is rather ingenious is a tolerable mechanic, but

[Page 95]

not a gentleman.

His plans are not in my opinion the best that could be adopted but he does not invite suggestions, & so I just do as he tells me.

Sat[urday] 31. Set Shanks on again tracing for me.

Called at Goddard’s, & made the acquaintance of young Prentice from Stowmarket, a nice lively young fellow. Met Bob Watson who was in a most perturbed state of mind about young Geo. Mennel’s blasphemy –

Sund[ay]. Nov[ember] 1. Dined at Beech Grove. A nice little child was there, Kate O’Brien from York. Went to hear Gavazzi at night. Fine fellow, splendid action, crowded meeting.

Wed[nesday] Nov[ember] 4.Was at a party at Goddard[’]s in the evening –

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