Letter from John Wesley Hackworth, under the pseudonym of ‘Wylam’ to ‘Editor’ presumably sent to various editors including Editor of the Daily Herald

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Hackworth, John Wesley (b 1820 – d 1891)
Hackworth, Ann (b c 1818 – d 1872) (nee Turner)

Printed and draft letters under the heading ‘The Locomotive and Railway System’

Reprinted letter ‘the Locomotive and Railway System’ a letter from the London Daily Chronicle s

Discusses early railways, the ‘parent of this unique device is comparatively unknown’, goes on to state the ‘facts’ quotes letter to from Robert Stephenson re bellows, criticises Samuel Smiles’ publication on George Stephenson. States that Hackworth introduced the locomotive in 1811 ‘the merit of which has been erroriously [sic] ascribed to William Hedley the viewer’, also printed version, some copies include letter to ‘the Echo’ by Thomas Greener ‘the Inventor of the Locomotive’

’locomotive and Railway System’ Refers critically to Mr Stretton [railway author]’s ‘power of steam notes’ and letters to newspapers. Stephenson is not the founder of the railway system ‘perverted truth’, testimony of William Gowland loco driver who worked for Stephenson. ‘what can Mr Stretton know personally of the trickery plaid off at the Rainhill contest in 1829? Does he imagine the combined perpetrators of the nefarious deeds would publish their infamy? Would they rather do their upmost to obliterate every trace of it? That such deeds were done I have indisputable evidence’. Criticises Theodore West. John Wesley Hackworth wished to write an ‘illustrated history of locomotive development’ but was unable to because of his duties [not complete].

’Locomotive and Railway System’ ‘I can’t imagine why Mr Stretton keeps sending me mutilated prints’ says that Stretton is sending him ‘abuse’, discusses supporters of Stephenson and their claims against Timothy Hackworth, William Gowland loco driver who worked for Stephenson, discusses early railways [not compete]. See Stephenson bellows letter.


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