Cross-written letter from Timothy Hackworth (Jn) to Jane Young (nee Hackworth)

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Young, Jane (b 1831 – d 1914) (nee Hackworth)

Had just had a walk on ‘the spoil bank’ ‘it is becoming quite a place of attraction. The men are now getting their gardens put into order and besides the company have commenced making a reservoir on the top of the just opposite the works and hope they do not mean to drown us out of the place’ business doing well ‘you would be astonished at the number of people that come to see the engine that is nearly finished for Mr Stobart, it is a tidy little thing’ George Thompson make an engine for Stobart which was too light so Stobart ordered one for Soho. ‘there is quiet a mania for our patent engines’ ‘Mr Fletcher is wild about his. He tells nearly everybody he meets with it is the best engine in the world’. News about the family, mentions Ann Ambler who is ‘as much as usual’.


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