Cross-written letter from Prudence Nightingale (nee Hackworth), Albion House, Penrith to Jane Young (nee Hackworth)

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Young, Jane (b 1831 – d 1914) (nee Hackworth)

Miss Reynolds and Miss Newton had come to see Jane Young (nee Hackworth) in Vilvorde, Jane has bought herself a parasol, having a barage dress made up discusses ways to make up dress, flounces, possibility of Jane’s friend Mdlle Coralie becoming a governess, however her being Catholic may be an obstacle to this. Mrs Margails, Mrs Boyle, Mr Shearman, visit to Mrs Cherdon’s, Mrs Lowthian and Mr Gladders engaged, ‘I am amused that you have received a note from George Edward’ [Young, who she eventually married]. Possibility of Miss Holmes [a daughter of Elizabeth Holmes (nee Hackworth) i.e. Jane’s niece] however not sure if Elizabeth with agree to ‘the child’s banishment’ she is ‘so immoveably [sic] fixed in her determination that none of her children shall be educated upon the continent’, train tickets, money for schooling.


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