Copy of announcement in the Chicago Herald and letters from John Wesley Hackworth, Chicago to unknown recipients

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Hackworth Family Archive
Hackworth, John Wesley (b 1820 – d 1891)
Hackworth, Ann (b c 1818 – d 1872) (nee Turner)

Announcement relating to the World Columbian Exposition.

Letter copied by John Wesley Hackworth Enquires about the location of ‘relics’ relating to Timothy Hackworth, he is in a position to display these at the World Columbian Exposition, ‘it would be a shame to let this opportunity pass, but some one must co-operate with me’, where is the Royal George model?, uncle John [John Wesley Hackworth] did not answer letter about this; mentions John Wesley Hackworth’s value motion, model of valve motion, ‘there is still money in the valve motion if some member of the family will wake up and look after it’. Dated 4 October 1891.

Letter re planned exhibition at the World Fair, need exhibits, ‘will any of the Hackworth boys help me out?’, does not want to look like he is seeking honour, recognition and profit for himself; ‘Amongst railway men in New York & Chicago Timothy Hackworth’s name is better known today than amongst the same class of men in London’. Dated 18 October 1891.

Letter re use of the model of the Royal George in the World Fair, Pru [Prudence Nightingale (nee Hackworth)] and Tim [?] will have no objection to this. Dated 9 November 1891.

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